Tavistock South West: Jessica Evans

"I grew up in south west Tavistock and attended Tavistock Primary School and Tavistock College, training in Hotel and Catering Management. I have been a Lamerton Parish Councillor for four years, gaining further experience by attending councillor training courses run by West Devon Town and Parish Fund, and now stand on a firm foundation as I seek your vote for borough councillor.

I became a committee member for our allotments when we first started digging in April 2010. As part of my work, I sourced free water containers from a local business, which enables us to collect 10,000 litres of rainwater collected from a barn into dipping troughs (right). I also represent Lamerton C of E Primary School on the Community Village Hall Committee so that the two organizations work together at Parish Events raising funds for their respective projects.

I work in Tavistock College and know the area well and would like to represent and speak on behalf of the local community on issues that will affect you and future generations. I enjoy gardening, cooking and camping with my family.

My campaign priorities are:

Campaign for more local job opportunities by supporting new and existing businesses throughout Tavistock, and working with all levels of government to see our local economy grow and prosper. 

Support for voluntary organisations that provide vital support for people in need – especially the youngest and oldest among us who are most vulnerable to the ongoing cuts in public finances. 

Fight for more affordable housing to enable our young people and our older residents to remain in Tavistock, while remaining committed to sensible planning decisions and resisting inappropriate development. 

Promote continued traffic, safety and public transport improvements. In particular, we will campaign for the earliest possible opening of the rail link to Bere Alston, and lobby to support local volunteer transport groups .

Work hard to support and promote tourism within West Devon, by encouraging opportunities for our local economy to benefit from the stunning rural countryside and rich heritage which surrounds Tavistock."