Tavistock North: John Sheldon

"It has been my pleasure to serve and represent you. Being a Councillor is not all about being on Committees but I am on more than any other Councillor at West Devon Borough Council. This ensures that I have an input and understanding into what affects Tavistock North. 

It is essential that services provided by West Devon such as refuse collection, recycling, planning, street cleaning and leisure are maintained. That the Council are contactable on or offline when required.

Tavistock North has new boundaries set by the Local Government Boundary Commission. I welcome new residents and say goodbye to others. I will try and see as many of you as possible but I certainly do not want to disturb you when I call.

There have been and still are concerns over large housing developments. There is at least one on the horizon in New Launceston Road. I would like to thank residents who were vocal over Butcher Park Hill and as a member of the Planning Committee, pleased to see unanimous rejection.

I was also pleased to lead the rejection against turning the Alexander Centre car park into a Pay & Display one. Parking is difficult in parts of the Ward, to that end I support Residents Permit Parking, but unfortunately Devon County Council do not wish to allow this to date, other than where it is in place now.

I lead on Broadband matters and Tavistock North had the first upgraded fibre cabinet in West Devon. In the new Ward there are only 3 cabinets upgraded. There are 7 cabinets that are not, this is not good enough for business, social and educational use. I will ensure they are upgraded.

I always support residents and seek answers or solutions for them. I use social media to answer everyday queries and to send out information. I also support local businesses at every opportunity and will continue to do so.

My campaign priorities are:

Council Tax I will support anything that keeps this cost for Residents at the lowest possible level.

Provided Council Services I will fight to make sure these are maintained for the next Council Term and are not allowed to falter.

Planning and Development This needs careful consideration and experience from a Councillor already involved in these matters.

Superfast Broadband We have not had a full commercial or funded delivery. I continue to press those responsible for this.

Residents Your satisfaction with what the Council does is of great concern to me. Please let me know when you are not."