Dartmoor: Annabel Roberts

"The landscape of Dartmoor has been shaped over the generations by those who have lived and worked on it. It can be a harsh, unforgiving place, but is also peaceful and extremely beautiful through the seasons. I am conscious of the importance of agriculture and other elements of rural life in keeping Dartmoor a living environment and recognise the need to encourage future generations to remain on the land and continue to work it. As a local councillor I strive to contribute to the future health and growth of the Dartmoor economy. Generations of my family have farmed on and around the moor.

My campaign priorities are:

Growing the rural economy by showing strong support for farming communities and encouraging investment in infrastructure. 

Preserving the unique character and beauty of West Devon, protecting our stunning countryside and our historic rural heritage. 

Providing housing for all local families without damaging the environment, allowing them to remain in the area to live and work.  

Supporting businesses and encouraging new jobs for local people, helping our rural economy to grow and our community to prosper. 

Maintaining council services in spite of central government funding reductions. Protecting essential services while we balance the books."