Bideford South: Simon Inch

"I was born and educated in Bideford and live in South Ward. I am married with three daughters, and have worked for Pilton Community College for 16 years. Having been Town and District Councillor of Bideford South for the last 8 years, I was privileged to have been Mayor for Bideford from May 2012 to May 2014 this was a great honour.  Whilst I was Mayor I sat on the Committee to over see what was being planned for East the Water Wharfs. I am pleased that the plans that we were shown have been passed and I look forward to this being started in the near future. 

I also projected to have Cooper Street re-surfaced to enhance the towns entrance from Jubilee Square.  I will continue to persuade the County Council to resurface Mill Street and Allhalland Street, this would improve the town very much for locals and visitors. 

I have fully supported the employment of a street cleaner/handyman to carry out different duties around the Bideford area which include East the Water and Bideford South, this has been a great success and money well spent.

On Torridge District Council I sit on many Committees, including the North Devon Crematorium which is jointly run with North Devon District Council, I have been Chairman of this Committee during the year 2011 to 2012.  We have been putting money aside to fund a new chapel which is in great need for our communities, and I hope this will start in April this year. It would be a great achievement for the committee to at last see this done.

As you all know Torridge is having to find substantial savings, but I will endeavour to fight to save all front line services as they are at the moment. This isn’t going to be easy but I will be fighting to do this.  I am concerned with regards to all the housing that is planned for Bideford South which I will be objecting to, I have concerns about the flooding issues with Kenwith Valley and the Flood Prevention Scheme as it is at its capacity at present, adding more water down this valley could mean devastation for the surrounding areas of the valley and Bideford town."