Appledore: Andrew Eastman

Andrew Eastman has tirelessly served the Appledore Ward on Torridge District Council since the economic crash of 2007. He is trusted by the people of his ward because of his experience, his energy and his local knowledge. Andrew was born and raised in Appledore where his family go back many generations. He has been married to his wife Val - who’s father was station master at Bideford Railway Station - for thirty years. The people of this ward know that being a councillor in the Torridge District requires a tough negotiator, someone who will fight for their rights.

Andrew, a now retired P&O Engineering Officer and Engineering Supervisor at Appledore Shipyard, is acutely aware of the part that welcoming inward investment, and talented people, has played in the progress of our area since 2007. When Andrew was first elected, for example, spending per pupil on Appledore Primary School was less than anywhere else in the whole country. Andrew, with the help of local people and the people who have made this area their home, put that right.

We need representatives who are passionate about our area to fight our corner. Inexperience within Torridge Council has cost us dearly in the past. Such inexperience could have seen the closure of Appledore Shipyard - our biggest employer. Today, the shipyard is thriving with a full order book. In 2007 Devon County Council was determined to shut down Appledore Library. A brilliant 5 year community campaign saw the library not only saved but refurbished and placed, in 2012, under the control of the community. In 2015 Andrew’s wife Val is still a committee member as well as the treasurer. Whether on the matter of housing for young people, education, local employment or the sea cadets; whether ensuring the cleanliness of our beaches or the protecting of our local services there is no one who will fight harder for our area than Andrew Eastman.