PAULINE DAVIES: Your voice in Bideford East Ward

We need to boost industry and job creation to give our children employment and a reasonable standard of living “This is a big issue”.
I’ve helped to support the Appledore Community Hall which has improved and is now thriving.  Just recently I’ve been heavily involved with Tarka Housing.  I used to sit on the Housing Management Panel and I’m still on the Tenants’ Panel and Scrutiny Panel.

With the improved housing situation in Bideford, we need a lot more major improvements especially to the primary school situated at East Ward together with the provision of a Chemist and a Petrol Station.

I have also been involved with various groups trying to improve and regenerate Bideford for example, the Neighbourhood Working Group and Bideford Working Group.

At the moment we know that pot holes, parking issues and bringing work to the area are at the top of the list of issues of that need to be sorted in and around the Bideford and Torridge District. My aim will be to help improve and generate the Bideford and Torridge area.

People have come to me for advice that I’ve delivered the best way I can.  This makes me more determined to listen to your views and be your voice to carry forward to Bideford Town Council and Torridge District Council.

Although this is only a small part, of what I feel I’ve achieved, I have helped people get re-housed, managed to get funding and sponsors for the over 50s club, the youth centre, a local majorette troupe and Young Devon.

 Although there are a lot of volunteers in Bideford and Torridge there should be more training available for the volunteers so they too can make a difference within their Communities.

I won’t make promises I cannot deliver.