Geoffrey Cox Q.C. re-elected as Member of Parliament for Torridge & West Devon

Torridge & West Devon turned out in force yesterday to re-elect Geoffrey Cox Q.C.with an increased majority and a largest share of the vote in the history of this constituency. 

Geoffrey won 33,612 votes in a race which saw the highest turnout since 1997.

Addressing the crowd at Langtree Parish Hall, Geoffrrey said:

"I'm enormously privileged to be elected for the fourth time as member of parliament for Torridge & West Devon and although I can't see all those who did the hard work may I thank each and every one of you for everything you've done this evening.

"I know it's an awfully long day, tea and coffee might be nice next time so I'm told. I'm extremely grateful to everyone who has contributed to making this exercise in democracy so smooth and so harmonious.

"May I also congratulate my opponents the Liberal Democrats, Labour, Robin Julian the independent and Chris Jordan of the Green Party. It was a hard fought fight and I'm very grateful for the spirit in which they fought it.

"So ladies and gentlemen at five o'clock in the morning you all deserve your breakfast so I will say no more other than to thank you again and to say I'm deeply honoured to be a member of parliament again."