The only way Ed Miliband can get into power

With Labour facing wipeout in Scotland, the only way Ed Miliband can get into power is with the SNP propping him up.That would leave him at the mercy of their demands - and you'd pay for them with more taxes, more borrowin

Why won't they rule out a deal with the SNP?

Why won't Ed Miliband and his team rule out working with the SNP?The answer is clear: with Labour facing wipeout in Scotland, Ed Miliband has to be propped up by the SNP to get into power.We'll all pay for the SNP's de

2015 Election Campaign Begins!

The campaign to re-elect Geoffrey Cox as our Member of Parliament, and secure a Conservative majority on both West Devon Borough Council and Torridge District Council, has begun in earnest. Local Conservatives from all over Torridge and West Devon are working hard; delivering leaflets, putting up posters, and knocking on doors to deliver a positive message about the future of our rural communities.

General Election Fighting Fund

General Election Fighting Fund Appeal 

You can donate by clicking on the link above, or by printing and returning the attached form. 

2015 Candidates Ready To Go!

With the 2015 Elections just around the corner, the Conservative teams for both Torridge and West Devon are ready and eager to begin the campaign.There are still a few places left if you would like to stand in either Torridge or West Devon. For more details, please call the Association office on 01409 254931 or email us at  

Vote for Alison Boyle today!

Kenwith ward goes to the polls today! We are hoping that all Alison Boyle's hard work will pay off and she becomes the newest Conservative representative on Torridge District Council.