Boundary Changes


PRESS RELEASE                 

FROM   THE   PARLIAMENTARY   OFFICE   OF   GEOFFREY   COX  ,  Q  . C  .  ,  M  . P.                             

Date:           13 September 2011

From:          The Houses of Parliament


West Devon MP reacts to Boundary Commission initial proposals


Geoffrey Cox, MP for Torridge and West Devon, responding to the Boundary Commission's initial suggestions for its 2013 review of Parliamentary constituencies, has said that he is both pleased and disappointed with the proposals.


He said: "While I am saddened and dismayed by the proposals for Torridge, and for the West Devon and Torridge constituency to be divided up, I am pleased that West Devon's towns would be reunited again in a proposed new seat. I have always argued that the Borough and the towns of Okehampton and Tavistock needed to be represented by one MP who could concentrate on their interests closely, and although this does not quite achieve that, it comes close.


However, these are merely initial suggestions and there is a very long way to go before they are adopted or final. I do not intend to be distracted from the essential task now of representing the communities of West Devon and Torridge vigorously and bringing the attention of the government to improving the opportunities for our market towns and rural areas."