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Labour repeatedly demanded a general election. But twice now, Jeremy Corbyn has told his MPs to block one.

Corbyn is trying to tie our government’s hands and delay Brexit. So, don’t let him. Chip in today and help us win the election – whenever it comes.

Boris Johnson and Geoffrey Cox don’t want an election. They want to get on with the job – leaving the EU by October 31st and investing in the country’s priorities. Like hospitals, police and schools.

But Labour MPs have left them with no choice. They just passed a law that would force Boris Johnson to beg Brussels for an extension to the Brexit deadline.

This would cause more delay and more chaos. And that means our economy would suffer and our priorities would be ignored. We won’t accept Labour’s delay.

That’s why Boris Johnson is calling for an election. And your help is needed now more than ever to make sure Geoffrey Cox is re-elected. So, will you chip in?

Together Boris Johnson and Geoffrey Cox will deliver Brexit by October 31st. No ifs, no buts.

Then they’ll get on with making it work. That means investing in the priorities we all share – like hospitals, police and schools.

And the support of members like you will make all of it possible.

Labour’s delay would leave us in limbo. So, if you want to deliver Brexit by October 31st, then please chip in today.

Please use the DONATE link (to the left) and select the amount you wish to donate.

Thank you.





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