23 New Year's Eve Cocktails to Help Ring in 2023 Right

Send the year off with a festive drink! 🥂

new years drinks 
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Along with making a bevvy of delicious appetizers, one of our favorite New Year's Eve traditions is mixing up a fancy cocktail or two and sharing it with our nearest and dearest as we welcome the new year—and see the old one out the door. So brush up on your Auld Lang Syne lyrics (and maybe learn at last what they really mean) and bookmark your favorite of these delicious New Year's Eve cocktails. It's nearly time to celebrate!

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Becky Luigart-Stayner

Here's a cocktail worthy of its namesake: richly red, with an (unearned) reputation for being dangerous.

Get the recipe for Poinsettia.

Cranberry-Ginger Shrub
Becky Luigart-Stayner

Here's a party drink that's adult enough to please the grownups, but without the alcohol, so nondrinkers can enjoy. It's ideal mixed with just a little club soda on its own—or mixed with a bit of gin for those who prefer to imbibe.

Get the recipe for Cranberry-Ginger Shrub.

Cranberry Mulled White Wine
Becky Luigart-Stayner

If you find traditional mulled wine to be a little too heavy, try this lighter, white-wine version. Flavored with fall spice, cranberries, and a touch of honey, it's every bit as warming as its counterparts, but with a tart, clean taste.

Get the recipe for Cranberry Mulled White Wine.

Old Scholar
Hector M. Sanchez

We not going to call this well-balanced concoction an instant classic—but it's the only thing we've been wanting when mixing up a drink all year, and we wouldn't be surprised if you feel the same.

Get the recipe for Old Scholar.

Sparkling Cider and Bourbon Cocktail
Becky Luigart-Stayner

Sometimes the best-tasting cocktails are the simplest. This one is apples, bourbon, bitters, and sider. Why complicate things? Just make a big batch and let guests serve themselves.

Get the recipe for Sparkling Cider and Bourbon Cocktail.

Grilled Orange Old-Fashioned
Becky Luigart-Stayner

Want an over-the-top whiskey drink to ring in the New Year? Break out your winter grill. Charred oranges and toasted marshmallows take this classic drink to its smoky-sweet pinnacle.

Get the recipe for Grilled Orange Old-Fashioned.

The Sunflower
Becky Luigart-Stayner

Lend your NYE party a touch of high-class elegance with this well-balanced gin drink. Served ice cold, the bright combination of liqueurs and lemon juice is hard to top.

Get the recipe for The Sunflower.

Pink Grapefruit Margaritas
Johnny Miller

Is there ever a bad occasion to serve margaritas? We haven't found it. Fresh grapefruit juice lends this version a seasonal distinction.

Get the recipe for Pink Grapefruit Margaritas.

Ginger Greyhounds
Becky Luigart-Stayner

Light, bright, and gingery, this easy drinker is a fun batch cocktail for New Year's Eve.

Get the recipe for Ginger Greyhounds.

Woodchuck Warmer
Becky Luigart-Stayner

This hot cider cocktail gets its name from an old nickname for Vermonters—where they really take their apples seriously. It's perfect for brisk country New Year's Eve celebrations.

Get the recipe for Woodchuck Warmer.

Whiskey River
Becky Luigart-Stayner

Sometimes whiskey can sound dark and heavy, but this citrusy aromatic cocktail has a real spring to it.

Get the recipe for Whiskey River.

Pomegranate French 75
Becky Luigart-Stayner

Casablanca fans know all about this classic gin and Champagne cocktail, which is perfect for hoisting at midnight. We give it a seasonal tweak with the addition of pomegranate.

Get the recipe for Pomegranate French 75.

Driven Snow Cocktail
Brian Woodcock

If your tastes tend less toward Champagne and more toward creamy cocktails, toast the new year with this rum-inflected combo of white chocolate and ginger liqueurs.

Get the recipe for Driven Snow Cocktail.

Boulevardier (Bourbon Negroni)
Brian Woodcock

If you'd rather toast with something stiff and bitter, you can't beat a Boulevardier. It's easy to make, exceedingly good, and oh, so very warming.

Get the recipe for Boulevardier (Bourbon Negroni).

Warm Tea-and-Cider Punch
Brian Woodcock

Meeting friends for an outdoor New Year's Eve gathering? Dress warm, gather around the nearest fire pit, and keep this spin on a hot toddy on hand.

Get the recipe for Warm Tea-and-Cider Punch.

Cider Sidecar
Brian Woodcock

Cognac, Cointreau, and apple cider make this bright winter cocktail extra attractive. To make it even fancier, add an ounce of bubbly to the top before serving.

Get the recipe for Cider Sidecar.

Cranberry Gin Fizz
Brian Woodcock

Want to keep things light? This bubbly, festive gin drink has a nice cranberry twist. Serve it with the white chocolate truffle, pictured at the bottom.

Get the recipe for Cranberry Gin Fizz.

Sparkling Pear & Orange Champagne Punch
Brian Woodcock

You could toast with Champagne or you could toast with this fruity, sweet concoction that makes plenty to go around.

Get the recipe for Sparkling Pear & Orange Champagne Punch.

Sparkling Lavender Cocktail
David Tsay

Lavender is a calming and relaxing way to sweeten up sparkling wine for a chiller New Year's Eve.

Get the recipe for Sparkling Lavender Cocktail.

Lillet Spritz
Brian Woodcock

A garnish of edible flowers will have your guests marveling over this cocktail all night long.

Get the recipe for Lillet Spritz.

Death in the Afternoon Cocktail
Brian Woodcock

This surprisingly strong, simple Champagne drink was invented by Hemingway and named for one of his novels—perfect for the literary-minded celebrant.

Get the recipe for Death in the Afternoon Cocktail.

Rosemary Mimosa
Jon Melendez

Wintery rosemary and grapefruit give this classic Champagne cocktail a slightly bitter, herbal zing.

Get the recipe for Rosemary Mimosa.

Mango Mimosa
Kana Okada

This cocktail recipe is not only delicious but simple thanks to its two ingredients—mangoes and Champagne.

Get the recipe for Mango Mimosa.

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