If we had to name Scott McGillivray's super power, it'd be knowing the best time to purchase a house. But he knows a lot more than that when it comes to all things home related. After all, he's the host of Income Property and an expert on Flipping the Block. And that, our friends, is why when he says revamping the entryway is an inexpensive and easy way to transform a home, we pay attention

"The front entrance can be one of the most neglected areas of people's homes, but it's often what makes a good first impression," he told Forbes. A quick way to revamp the space? "You can add a fresh coat of paint to the door and a stylish house number or door knocker to make a big impact. Potted plants add color and depth and can be easily switched season to season."

But this isn't the only room that can benefit from some paint updates. He also says giving shabby-looking trim a refresh or adding a new coat to dated kitchen cabinets or bathroom vanities can make all the difference. Why not try a few places that are totally unexpected while you're at it?

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But, wait! Before you get started, he warns people from getting ahead of themselves. "The biggest mistake that I see homeowners make all too often is not doing a proper inspection of the home and falling into a project that is a lot bigger than they probably anticipated or budgeted for," he told Parade. "Essentially, people often underestimate the scope of their renovation because they didn't do the proper work up front."

Even something as simple as painting your door or buying a fancy knocker can go wrong if you don't like the color you've picked or if there's a problem installing your new accessory. So make sure you map out all of your projects before you start.

From: House Beautiful US